Culture, tourism and sport – LGA support for councils

Over the last few years, the LGA has worked with a range of partners in the culture and sport sector to develop a wide range of support tools and guidance to help the sector continually improve its positioning and performance.

These tools and guidance now underpin the groups approach to sector-led improvement and are drawn together in the culture and sport integrated national support offer:

Culture and sport: integrated national support offer

Self-assessment, peer support and challenge

We believe that the concept of self-improvement is best supported by peer challenge and support provided by the sector itself. The culture and sport improvement toolkit (CSIT). was developed in response to the sector's desire for a single improvement tool covering all culture and sport services and has recently been updated and revised to respond to new needs of councils and partners:

Culture and Sport Improvement toolkit

The toolkit supports self-improvement by offering:

  • self-assessment against a range of benchmarks of good practice, including an optional 360-degree feedback assessment to help you improve your partnership working and a simple benchmark suitable for use by civil society organisations
  • external challenge using three different processes each with increasing levels of rigor and cost
    • peer-supported improvement, enabling groups of councils or other organisations to form a local improvement network (LIN) to support and challenge each other through the improvement process
    • validation, designed to provide a structured, peer-based challenge to your self-assessment and improvement planning, which will result in it being externally validated
    • peer reviews of your services against the same benchmark, carried out by a team including consultants and officer and member peers.

Peer challenge and support

Delivering better outcomes through culture and sport

One of the modern challenges to public services is to be able to demonstrate that investment and action are improving people's lives. Culture and sport, perhaps now more than ever before, must demonstrate the contribution the sector makes to better outcomes for individuals, communities and places.

The culture and sport outcomes framework provides guidance for councils and their partners on how to create a local outcomes framework for culture and sport. This will help you measure and evidence the difference your service makes and its contribution to local priorities. It will also help you make the case for continued investment of public money.

A guide to developing a local outcomes framework for culture and sport

Improving how we work

Over the last six years we have identified the key areas where the culture and sport sector needs to improve its performance. For each theme we have developed guidance and advice and this is published in a series of guidance documents. In the current climate, delivering services more efficiently is a major objective and to assist councils we have brought together a range of documents dealing with new delivery methods and asset transfer.

Improving leadership

The LGA supports and partners the National Culture Forum's Leading Learning Programme aimed at officers from across the culture and sport sector.

For more information, contact:

Sue Isherwood, Director, NCF Leading Learning Programme
Telephone: 01749 871110.

Leading Learning programme – on the National Culture Forum website


27 June 2012

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