Kent School Games video transcript

The following is a transcript of the Kent School Games video. It contains interviews with Dame Kelly Holmes and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

00:00 - 00:11

Introduction – showing images of the Kent School Games finals. It includes Dame Kelly Holmes officially opening the games.

01:12 - 01:26 Dame Kelly Holmes

It's really great to have the Kent School Games. I think it enables the kids to express themselves, showcase what they do and organize events.

02:00 - 02:18 Dame Kelly Holmes

There's always going to be potential Olympians. There has to be enough opportunity for them to express themselves and do what they do best. This will be an event where those already at clubs around the county can come together and produce some good results and to inspire them to want to go further.

03:09 - 03:22 Dame Kelly Holmes

I started at school. I started doing the Kent Schools Championships. It enabled me to show my talents. And because I had won events, it inspired me to want to keep trying to progress.

03:37 - 03:48 Voice over

This is by far the biggest county school sports event in the country. It's certainly the biggest such event of any type involving sport this county has ever known.

03:56 - 04:12 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

I think Kent's very good at doing sport. To have an event with 500 disabled young people is huge. I think it's important for disabled children and young people to compete against each other to give them an idea of where they are in sport and where they can be.

04:30 - 04:50 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

Sport in its own way gives people so much. It's not just about the competitive stuff. It's about being fit and healthy. It's about the confidence you get. And it's about being stronger physically and mentally.

06:30 - 06:47 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

You might get two or three young people who've been here who might compete at the 2012 Olympics. If you can get just a few young people coming through and competing at the top level, that would be amazing. That makes all this worthwhile.

07:10 - 07:21 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

It's great to see so many young people having access to sport. It's not just a one off event, it links to lots of other events and opportunities. That makes a huge difference. It's really exciting actually.


29 July 2014

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