What's new in culture and sport?

Revised strategic commissioning guidance

In the new financial and political landscape commissioning will continue to be an important process although the nature of commissioning will be different going forward.

We have recently updated our guidance document for people in the culture and sport sector. It aims to help them understand the process of strategic commissioning in public services and how to engage in it to produce better outcomes for communities.

Local Government (LG) Improvement and Development has over the last year worked to support 10 councils or groups of councils as they develop their approach to commissioning. In each case the exact offer was tailored to suit local circumstances and need. The evaluation report provides feedback on the process and the learning and provides some ideas others can use to develop their own approach.

We have also added a report by Hertsmere Leisure Trust describing how they have used the outcomes framework for culture and sport services to develop their approach to commissioning.

Finally we have our recent report which addresses how culture and sport organisations can make an increased contribution to civil society and to better outcomes for local people by building their capacity and developing new business models.

Improving strategic commissioning in the culture and sport sector

Reports from the Future Libraries Programme

The Future Libraries Programme was established to help library services during the current challenging financial climate. It aims to ensure libraries continue to play a central role for communities. Central to the programme is the vision of library and other local services working better together to deliver services genuinely designed around the needs of the public.

The programme initially worked on 10 innovative, collaborative projects involving over 30 councils. These projects were supported by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and the LGA.

The report of the programme sets out the overall learning while feedback from each project is included in a separate report. Watch out for a new LGG/MLA publication on the programme and future developments on Future Libraries 2.

Future Libraries Programme

Learning from Future Libraries Programme Phase 1 - (PDF, 36 pages, 1.0MB large file)

Revised Culture and Sport Improvement Toolkit (CSIT)

Given the fundamental changes that are taking place we have updated the toolkit making it simpler and more flexible for different organisational needs.

CSIT has been specifically designed for (and by) the culture, sport, green space and tourism sectors to help public sector bodies and their partners from the commercial sector and civil society develop the organisational capabilities which will enable them to:

  • re-group in the face of these challenging times
  • survive amid all the changes
  • re-grow the services provided for the community with a different role and level of resources.

Culture and sport Improvement toolkit

New performance management guide

We have updated and revised our simple-to-use guide to help service managers and staff gain a better understanding of the processes of performance management and have linked it directly to the culture and sport outcomes framework. It includes:

  • a step-by-step guide
  • exercises you can do
  • case studies from councils developing good approaches to performance management.

Improving performance management in the culture and sport sector

New Culture and Heritage Profile Tool

The Local Culture and Heritage Profile Tool operates in a similar way to the sport profile and provides local contextual data and culture and heritage data to help you think how you invest in culture and heritage locally.

Local Culture and Heritage Profile Tools - on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website

Annual conference

LGA / CLOA Culture, Tourism and Sport annual conference, March 2012 - on the LGA website

15 September 2011

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