100 ways to help the high street

'100 ways to help the high street' is a collection of schemes which, if implemented in the right place at the right time, can have a positive affect for town centres.

Picture depicts St Helens high street

Some of these schemes are more ambitious than others, and some more expensive to put in place. However, regardless of your town centre's size, or whether you have developed a mature partnership or the budget at your disposal, we hope you will find something useful.

Who is it for?

'100 ways to help the high street' is primarily for town centre managers and local government. However, job title is not a precursor to the successful implementation of many of these schemes.

A theme throughout '100 ways to help the high street' is that whatever resources you have at your disposal, whoever takes the lead on these activities, success is achievable through cooperation.

The UK features a diverse range of town centres. Town centre managers, local government officers, elected members and anyone leading high street rejuvenation must decide which of these schemes would make a difference, and how the schemes should be implemented.


To ensure '100 ways to help the high street' is easy to follow, the schemes have been grouped into eight sections:

Where relevant, there will be links from each scheme to additional information. Some case studies are also included to demonstrate how some of these hints and tips emanate from real life examples. They feature the ingenuity of town centre managers and other 'champions' of the high street.

Further information

'100 ways to help the high street' is the result of a collaboration between:

  • National Skills Academy for Retail
  • Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM)
  • Local Government Improvement and Development
  • Institute of Place Management

If you have any queries regarding '100 Ways to Help the High Street' then please contact:

Ojay McDonald, ATCM Policy Officer
email: ojay.mcdonald@atcm.org


10 May 2012

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