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'Driving economic growth: a summary guide' has been produced by Local Government (LG) Improvement and Development for local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and other sub-regional partnerships.

The economic, financial, institutional and policy context has changed radically in the last two years, through the recession and since the General Election and the formation of the coalition government. Funding for councils to intervene directly in tackling unemployment and supporting business growth is massively reduced.

Councils recognise the importance of supporting local economic growth, and some areas such as supporting the growth of the low-carbon economy have increased in importance. With significantly reduced resources, interventions will need to be prioritised. They will be delivered by councils working through new structures, including LEPs, and in ways that are very different to how they have worked up to now.

This short guide provides a structure and diagnostic tool for analysing the processes, mechanisms and drivers of economic prosperity. They are provided in a way that can help councils to manage resources effectively and help to direct responses within the new environment.

A more detailed guide called 'Growing the low-carbon economy' is also available.

Driving economic growth (PDF, 39 pages, 330KB)

Growing the low-carbon economy (PDF, 18 pages, 80KB)

Sharing and learning

Communities of Practice

LGA are facilitating two online communities of practice (CoPs) related to economic development and growth. Join these communities to share your views, knowledge and intelligence.

The Local Enterprise Partnership CoP - on the CoP website

Worklessness Learning Forum - on the CoP website

Peer reviews

LGA is also able to offer a peer review, based on driving economic growth. For further information, please contact:

Kamal Panchal

Andy Bates


2 May 2012

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