Local Enterprise Partnerships

On 29 June 2010, the Secretaries of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Communities and Local Government wrote to local authorities and business leaders inviting partnerships to come together to form local enterprise partnerships (LEPs). The letter stated that these partnerships would provide strategic leadership to set out local economic priorities. They will help rebalance the economy towards the private sector by creating the right environment for business growth.

This will involve tackling issues including planning and housing, local transport and infrastructure priorities, employment and enterprise and transition to the low carbon economy, as well as supporting small business start-ups. It suggested the partnerships would include further and higher education and other relevant partners. It also advocated business and civic leaders would normally have an equal representation on the boards, and a prominent business leader should normally chair them.

The establishment of LEPs will provide a mechanism for continuing to provide some of the functions currently delivered by Regional Development Agencies which the government has indicated will be abolished. Further details of of the range of roles LEPs are likely to undertake are in the growth white paper, 'Local Growth: realising every place's potential'.

Local Growth: realising every place's potential - on the BIS website.

On 28 October 2010 the Coalition Government announced the first tranche of 24 LEPs given the go-ahead to proceed with development, and this was followed by the announcement of a further three LEPs in December 2010.

First wave of local enterprise partnerships as Government green lights local growth - Communities and Local Government website.
New Anglia, Black Country and Worcestershire join Local Enterprise Partnership Network - Central Office of Information website.

Also in December 2010 the House of Commons BIS Select Committee published its first inquiry into the formation of LEPs.

The New Local Enterprise Partnerships: An initial Assessment - UK Parliamnent website.

We are working with councils and other organisations to support the development of LEPs. Our LEP Community of Practice (CoP) for local authorities contains discussion threads, discussion and summary papers and other useful signposts and is a place where local authorities can share their ideas, approaches, concerns and good practice.

A series of discussion papers to support the sector in forming their proposals for LEP's. These included:

  • Engaging the private sector
  • Functional economic space
  • Governance arrangements
  • Localism and the Big Society

These discussion papers are all available on the Local Enterprise CoP.
Please note to access the papers you will need to join the CoP initially if you are not already a member.

Local Enterprise Partnership Community of Practice

Following the submission of the proposals Local Government Improvement and Development offered the following rapid review.

  • LGA Rapid Review of LEPs

This discussion paper is also available on the Local Enterprise Community Of Practice (CoP).
Please note to access the paper you will need to join the CoP initially if you are not already a member.

Local Enterprise Partnership Community of Practice

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