Local Housing Delivery Steering Group (LHDSG) advice on viability and standards

The Local Housing Delivery Group (LHDSG) is a cross-industry group involving a broad group of stakeholders with an interest in home building in England.

It was set up in 2011 to respond to the Government's challenge to boost the delivery of new homes, to simplify housing standards where possible, and to support growth and high standards in home building by helping local authorities and developers find agreed ways in which they can fulfil their obligations under the new National Planning Policy Framework.

The Local Housing Delivery Group has produced two reports through its working groups on viability and standards. The first is practical advice for planning practitioners on developing viable Local Plans and the second report looks at recommendations for the consolidation and simplification of local standards typically adopted for housing development.

The LGA has been involved in the work of the Steering Group since summer 2011. Both reports should assist councils in determining a sustainable approach to local plan-making. 

It is acknowledged that this advice may need developing and updating as experience is gained in developing Local Plans under the NPPF. The LGA has agreed to continue constructive dialogue to keep under review the suitability of the advice in light of experience.

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17 December 2014

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