Care Act funding

This page contains information about the work of the finance team in relation to new burdens funding for implementation of the reforms of the Care Act 2014.

Consultation on new burdens funding formulae

In early August 2014, the Department of Health issued a consultation on distributing the adult social care new burdens grant, worth £283.5 million nationally, among local authorities.

Our On-the-day briefing provides an analysis of the announcement and its impact.

LGA briefing: consultation on Care Act funding formulae (PDF, 4 pages, 192KB)

Annex A: total new burdens allocations under option 1, difference from settlement (PDF, 4 pages, 96KB)

Annex B: total new burdens allocations under option 2, difference from settlement (PDF, 4 pages, 96KB)

Joint LGA and ADASS response to the government's consultation on social care new burdens funding formulae (PDF, 5 pages 157KB)

Better Care Fund Care Act funding ready reckoner

The Government has launched and consulted upon a refresh impact assessment which attempts to estimate national costs of implementing reforms of the Care Act in 2015/16. As a result, the Department of Health has amended its expectation of what the £135 million 'pot' within the Better Care Fund should cover. The LGA has updated its ready reckoner to reflect this – it can be found by following the link below.

Better Care Fund ready reckoner

22 February 2016