Better Care Fund

The £5.3bn Better Care Fund was announced by the Government in the June 2013 spending round, to ensure a transformation in integrated health and social care.

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is one of the most ambitious programmes across the NHS and local government to date. It creates a local single pooled budget to incentivise the NHS and local government to work more closely together around people, placing their wellbeing as the focus of health and care services, and shifting resources into social care and community services for the benefit of the people, communities and health and care systems

For more detail about the background to the BCF, please visit NHSE webpage.

The LGA and ADASS have published a statement on expectations for the continuation of the fund from 2017 onward.

For the latest news and announcements about BCF, please sign up to BCF programme director Anthony Kealy's weekly note by contacting


Better Care Fund Planning Guidance frequently asked questions

DToC Health and Well-Being Board and Provider Relationship


The Better Care Support Team has produced BCF Planning 2016-17: Approach to regional assurance of Better Care Fund plans which outlines the assurance process and suggests key lines of enquiry to support local government and NHS regional leads in the assurance of BCF plans. It is intended to be a helpful guide that sets out what a plan should include as a minimum.

2016/17 BCF Policy Framework

The full Better Care Fund allocations for 2016-17, broken down by Health and Wellbeing Board area, have been published. Access the spreadsheet.

Technical Guidance Annex 4: Better Care Fund planning requirements for 2016-17 sets out the expectations for planning for the BCF in 2016/17.

Quarterly reporting 

BCF data collection and performance reports.

Regional Better Care leads

  • London: Jane Hannon
  • North: Tim Barton
  • South: Sarah Reese
  • Midlands and East: Melanie De Smith

Better Care managers

Area Name Contact
London Jane Hannon
London Nicole Valenzuela-Sotomayor
South Central Hilary Turner
South Liane Jennings
North East Bernard Groen
South (Wessex) Judith May
South East Mary Hill
North West Justine Howe
Yorkshire & Humber Jenny Sleight
West Midlands Steve Corton
East Midlands Wendy Hoult
East of England Jonathan Matthews


Download a more detailed list of areas managed by the better care managers

Better Care Support Offer

The Better Care Support Team (BCST) is committed to ensuring that local areas have the relevant support available to them, as they work towards delivering their Better Care Fund plans in 2016/17 and beyond.

The Better Care support offer for 2016/17 is delivered through two streams; the centrally-led national support programme and the regionally-led support offer.

Centrally-led Support

The Centrally-led National Support consists of a number of elements:

  • Better Care advisers: a pool of advisers that localities can draw upon to provide senior level facilitation in instances where it is required, that will provide local areas with the hands-on support in plan implementation and preparing the next round of Better Care plans.
  • Multi-disciplinary consultancy support: a flexible support resource working either in conjunction with the Better Care Advisers or independently, with the aim of sharing learning from all strands of support. The consultancy support offer will focus on:
    • Project and Programme Management
    • Analytical Expertise
    • Technical Support
    • Case study development
  • Thematic masterclasses: a programme of masterclasses focussing on the key challenges associated with integrated care. Enabling local areas to access expertise in an opt-in way and which have been developed based on areas' needs.
  • Regional networking events: providing additional capacity for regions to draw on and support their own support local learning events. These locally led events will be focused on highlighting successes, progress and shareable solutions to encourage case study development for wider knowledge sharing.
  • Programme of case studies, guidance, insight bulletins: providing access to technical solutions, insight and examples of what works focusing (although not exclusively) on:
    • integrated datasets and IT
    • aligned financial incentives and risk sharing
    • integrated workforce and culture

Regional Support

Better Care Managers have been recruited in each region to gather learning and coordinate support to local areas.

Funding has been allocated to each region, in order to enhance and support regions' capacity and capability to achieve the overall aims and vision for the Better Care Fund. Regions can commission bespoke packages of support to respond to regionally identified needs, generate shared solutions at a regional level and tailor national resources and products to regional needs.

The Better Care Support Team recognises that there are limitations in how much it can tailor its support package to the needs of individual areas and regions. We believe that it is essential to continue with enabling places to customise support that meets its specific needs.

Signposting tool to available support

The Better Care Support Team has produced a tool to signpost available support to address the biggest barriers to integrated care.

Support for integrated care (PDF, 14 pages, 472KB)

How to guides

A series of how to guides were produced to help areas with the implementation of their BCF plan. These documents are working drafts based on the best evidence available. If you have any feedback please email

Other useful tools and documents


If you have any questions please contact:

For local government specific queries, please email

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