Better Care Fund

The £3.8 billion Better Care Fund (BCF) was announced by the Government in the June 2013 Spending Round, to support transformation and integration of health and social care services to ensure local people receive better care. The BCF is a pooled budget that shifts resources into social care and community services for the benefit of the NHS and local government.

Following agreement by Ministers in June 2014, £1 billion of the NHS additional contribution to the BCF will now either be commissioned by the NHS on out of hospital services or be linked to a corresponding reduction in total emergency admissions. Protection of social care remains a top priority, and the revised plans must reflect this clear policy intention.

Key information

BCF plan guidance and templates: issued 25 July 2014

About the BCF

The August 2013 Spending Review established the £3.8 billion BCF "to deliver better outcomes and greater efficiencies through more integrated services for older and disabled people."

2013 Spending Review (PDF on .GOV website)

The development and implementation of this policy has been articulated through the following communications:

Support for completing the BCF plan

New support material will be available soon. The following resources are also relevant.

Integrated care toolkit

This LGA toolkit can be used to support the development of a joint vision, through reference to the 'value case' work, as well as modelling reconfiguration across your health and care system using the modelling tool.

Integrated care toolkit

BCF and the Care Act

A short summary of the Care Act and its relationship with the Better Care Fund for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Care Act overview for BCF toolkit (PDF, 2 pages, 100KB)

An example from north west London

Access the three documents below to see what a completed template looks like:

NHS England technical tools

NHS England has provided a range of tools and support for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), including a Q&A:

NHS England Better Care Fund page


The LGA and NHS England will continue to provide support to local areas to ensure all areas have a completed plan in place by February. If you have any questions please contact:

25 July 2014

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