JSNA, housing, care and support

How far have joint strategic needs assessments (JSNA) incorporated the housing and support needs of vulnerable adults as a basis for better commissioning and services which will improve their health and wellbeing? This section contains three publications that seek to answer this question.

JSNA and vulnerable adults: a collection of case studies

This collection of six case studies from across the country highlights key recurring themes in ensuring that the housing and support needs of vulnerable adults are incorporated into JSNAs.

JSNA, vulnerable adults, housing and support (PDF, 34 pages, 405KB)


Thanks to all members of the Steering and Reference Groups for their support, comments and contributions throughout this work and during the process of compiling this report. Members were drawn from across:

  • Department of Health
  • CLG
  • National Mental Health Development Unit
  • National Treatment Agency
  • Chartered Institute of Housing
  • National Housing Federation
  • Homes and Communities Agency
  • Audit Commission
  • Homeless Link

Special thanks too, to all those people from the Case Study areas who willingly offered their time, resources and expertise, including

  • Clare Smith
  • Laurna Compston
  • Luke Ward
  • Fay Haffenden
  • Max Sillars
  • Martin Morton
  • Glyn Meacher
  • Tim Bryant
  • Joe Coogan
  • Jan Hamilton
  • Linda Prosser
  • Nick Hooper

(NB The named list above is in the same order as the case study areas - as they appear in the document).

JSNA and Housing: a review of Northern approaches

This Northern Housing Consortium1 report is based on a review of the links being made between the housing sector and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) within areas across the north of England. It provides a summary of the policy context, the relevance of JSNA to the housing sector and highlights a series of key messages about progress and challenges. The report is of interest to commissioners and providers of housing, health and social care services as well as policy makers within national and regional government offices.

JSNA and housing - a view of Northern approaches (PDF, 14 pages, 252KB)

Strategic Needs Assessments: Health, Housing, Care and Support: a research paper making the case for housing-related support in JSNAs and Strategic Housing Market Assessments in the East of England

This research report, produced for the Department of Health and the former East of England Regional Assembly, sought to ensure that future JSNAs and Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) in the East of England provide full and appropriate evidence of housing-related support needs to inform decision-making
and the commissioning of services.

The objectives were to:

  • Identify which needs for housing-related support services should appear in JSNAs and SHMAs, on the basis of existing policy
  • Examine the extent to which these needs have been covered in the region's JSNAs and SHMAs, or through information from other sources
  • Identify the implications for service planning and delivery, highlighting any gaps in coverage particularly where these relate to the needs of vulnerable people
  • Identify examples of good practice in the assessment of need
  • Make recommendations aimed at addressing the specific issues identified.

Read the full document:
Strategic Needs Assessments: Health, Housing, Care and Support

23 December 2010

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