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In response to the Marmot Review of health inequalities in England and following the publication by the Healthy Communities programme of ‘The social determinants of health and the role of local government', we have published a series of web-based resources to expand on our initial work. It considers in detail the potential of various services and professions within local government to influence health inequalities.

Illustrated through case studies exploring current practice this persuasive collection sets out to raise the profile of local government action on the social determinants of health and the role of specific professions or service areas. The case studies currently include six broad topic areas with considerable overlap between them all. These are:

Regulatory Services - produced in partnership with LG Regulation (formerly LACORS)
Financial capability - produced in partnership with the Consumer Financial Education Body
Housing and neighbourhoods
Climate change and sustainable development
Planning and Transport
Tackling the social determinants of health through culture and sport
Social Determinants of Health Development Fund - Front Gardens and Five to Strive

Each topic is accompanied by a summary of a community of practice (CoP) ‘hotseat' discussion during which practitioners who provided the case studies responded to questions from their peers. In addition, we are adding expert opinion pieces to each of the subject areas. For further information on the Healthy Communities Community of Practice and details of how to join please go to:

Healthy Communities Communities of Practice landing page


For further information on the library or to contribute an opinion piece, please contact:

Tess Gool, Junior Consultant

19 December 2011

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