Health scrutiny

Scrutiny can play an effective role in improving health and reducing health inequalities in an area. Health Scrutiny in particular is seen as a lever to improve the health of local people, ensuring that their needs are considered as an integral part of the delivery and development of services. Within the programme, the Centre for Public Scrutiny has been commissioned to run a two year programme to raise the profile of overview and scrutiny as a tool to promote community well-being and help councils in addressing health inequalities within their local community.

The programme includes the recruitment of nine ‘scrutiny development areas' to help to develop, test and produce a new resource kit. The resource kit will provide local councils with everything that they need to know about using scrutiny to tackle health inequalities in their areas; from how to understand their local inequalities and who to involve, to ready-made models of effective scrutiny.


Su Turner
Principal Consultant - Health overview and scrutiny
LGA and CfPS

6 January 2012

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