Making it happen - wellbeing and the role of local government

“Making it Happen” is based on a series of conversations carried out on behalf of the Healthy Communities Programme explored what ‘wellbeing' means to the work of councils. They showed that wellbeing is a concept with the power to fundamentally re-define the role of local councils. A focus on wellbeing can help councils ask and answer the question: ‘What kind of council do we want to be?'

The views of senior government, NHS officers and elected members were invited in guided conversation workshop sessions and one-to-one conversations. The conversations were facilitated by the new economics foundation (nef) between July and September 2011. The views that emerged have been used to produce recommendations about how councils can best work to promote the wellbeing of their local residents. The report presents findings about:

  • What are the understandings of wellbeing?
  • the action needed across five ‘making it happen' areas for action
  • how the changing policy landscape is affecting the wellbeing agenda
  • the support that councils need to take the agenda forward.

Making it happen - wellbeing and the role of local government (PDF, 32 pages, 638KB)

23 November 2011

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