Developing a rich and vibrant JSNA

This document gives an overview of the work that took place as part of the Asset Based Pilot Process within the Wakefield District. We hope that the process and key learning points can assist those involved in developing rich and vibrant Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) that reflect both community assets/strengths as well as their needs/‘deficits'.

Developing a rich and vibrant JSNA (PDF, 16 pages, 4756KB)

The document is arranged in four parts:

  • Section 1 highlights the national and local policy context that supports the work around embedding assets and co-production into the JSNA process.
  • Section 2 outlines the outcomes that Wakefield aimed to achieve and the activities took place as part of the Asset Based Pilot process*.
  • Section 3 summarises the lessons that were learnt from the pilot in relation to the asset based approach itself, the need for culture change and around the smarter use of existing and new ‘rich picture' data.
  • Section 4 demonstrates the key ways forward from the pilot that are required to sustain and develop the progress made during the pilot, and embed assets and co-production into the JSNA process.

Growing Communities from the inside out: Trialing an asset based approach to JSNAs within the Wakefield District

Methods and Findings

This document provides full details of:

  • The two asset based methodologies that were trialed
  • The process involved in analysing and collating the asset information
  • Key findings and links between asset based information/co-production and the needs information
  • Key learning from the process to ensure that asset based methodologies, analysis and information can be balanced with needs information

Growing Communities from the Inside Out JSNAs in the Wakefield District (PDF, 104 pages, 6166KB)

13 December 2011

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