Perspectives on Joint Director of Public Health Appointments

Jointly appointed directors of public health have been a feature of local government partnership working for several years. However with varied arrangements across the country and with different levels of joint working it is sometimes hard to understand how these posts really operate and how effective this arrangement is.

This new publication by Durham University, commissioned by the IDeA's Healthy Communities Programme, explores different ways in which the post can operate. The booklet's centrepiece is an appraisal of joint directors of public health by Tony Elson (ex-Kirklees chief executive) which is accompanied by a number of invited commentaries derived from his analysis. The contributors represent different stakeholders and sectors of public health policy and practice. They have all commented on Elson's piece specifically from a local government viewpoint.

The booklet is designed to help stimulate more informed discussion about the joint director of public health post can achieve and how at a local level. If you have any comments on the document please make them through the Healthy Communities Community of Practice (CoP), a number of individuals will be responding between 12 and 23 January 2009 via the CoP.

To read the publication in full see:

Perspectives on Joint Director of Public Health Appointments (PDF, 84 pages, 435KB)

5 January 2009

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