How to promote wellbeing

These pages provide guidance for people interested in taking action to promote mental health and wellbeing. You can access practical information and research evidence on the importance of wellbeing, as well as examples of good practice. This information can help you to think more about how wellbeing is relevant or to feel more confident about commissioning or delivering wellbeing.

What does wellbeing mean?
Why bother?
What influences wellbeing?
What works?
Measuring success
Policy links
Case Studies

There are many sources of support for action on wellbeing and a wide range of debates about the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Wellbeing is relevant to many different agendas such as health, education, employment, recovery and personalisation and is fundamental to the vision for what a local community wants to be. These pages provide an introduction to the issues as well as links to more detailed information and resources. You can also listen to a discussion of the key themes in a series of Wellbeing Webinars for local government:

Serious about wellbeing - why bother?
Serious about wellbeing - what works?
Serious about wellbeing - measuring success


These pages have been written by Lynne Friedli
Supporting information was contributed by the Public Mental Health Special Interest Group of the UK Public Health Association [link] in collaboration with Local Government Improvement and Development [link] with input from Angela Mawle, Neil Quinn, Martin Seymour and Lee Knifton at the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA). Case studies were developed by Marcia Brophy, Nina Mguni and Nicola Bacon at The Young Foundation [link].

30 December 2011

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