Families Fit For Life - Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give

Families Fit for Life project in Knowsley aims to provide families with skills to improve their physical and mental health. This nine-week project is delivered by volunteers who help support families through various sessions on developing strategies for healthy eating, stress management and the importance of daily physical exercise. Other core activities are around promoting family quality time (for example, a walk together, family lunch together, a treasure hunt and so on).

This project was originally set up by Homestart (who led in Knowsley on the Families Fit for Life programme) and Knowsley Council for Voluntary Services - they wanted to promote health and wellbeing to all families in that area, particularly those already accessing services. The main project is run by local volunteers who give up their time to gain experience and help them into full-time employment. Volunteers either support the families on the project or help deliver the core parts of the service.

This project has been delivered for five years. The initial aim was to have 22 adult beneficiaries with 3 times the number of indirect beneficiaries, which includes partners and children. The project, evaluated by the Public Health Observatory, has exceeded this target year on year.

Funding currently runs until February 2012, with Homestart looking for new funding streams to tap into, alongside new activities to add to their existing portfolio. Activities could include ‘Buggy Fit', a keep fit programme for mothers in the park.

One area of the project that parents and volunteers have particularly enjoyed and found useful is the use of photographs taken throughout the project. These photographs are given to the parents so that they can see the changes and improvements they have made.

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15 September 2011

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