JSNA core data set

A set of Small Area Indicators have been produced for Joint Strategic Needs Assessment by the Public Health Observatories in England. The datasets are likely to be of interest to any organisation involved in needs assessment and commissioning of services for local populations, including local authorities, PCTs and the emerging clinical commissioning groups.

The updated dataset can be found at http://www.apho.org.uk/jsna. The data are available at both middle layer super output area (MSOA) and local authority level. The data are also available to view through the Local Health website ( http://www.localhealth.org.uk/) as part of the national Health Profiles project. This allows calculation of the indicators for user defined combinations of MSOAs or local authorities.

The indicators published in this dataset were selected following a review of small area indicators, including those that were included in the original core dataset of indicators which the Department of Health commissioned the Public Health Observatories to draw together. This handbook of definitions, published in 2008, was intended to assist partnerships in preparing their JSNA.

Handbook of definitions - core dataset

19 March 2012

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