Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and knowing your community

Joint strategic needs assesments (JSNAs) have been a statutory requirement since April 2008. Local councils and primary care trusts (PCTs) are expected to work together to identify the current and future health and wellbeing needs of a local population through the JSNA process. The coalition government has signalled an ongoing and central role for JSNAs in the NHS White Paper, 'Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS'. Health and wellbeing boards, convened by local authorities, will be responsible for leading the JSNA process.

Joint Strategic Needs Asseesment: a springboard for action

This new guidance and best practice toolkit entitled: ‘Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: a springboard for action' has been produced by Local Government Improvement and Development (LGA) for all members of new shadow health and wellbeing boards.

Also on this page find out about the related Healthy Communities CoP hotseat on 8 June 2011 titled: Understanding local communities and health data.

JSNA toolkit: a springboard for action

JSNA: reaching further

The JSNA will need to reach new audiences, including GP Consortia which will take over the commissioning role from PCTs as they are abolished from April 2013. Local HealthWatch will be represented on health and wellbeing boards to ensure that the views and feedback from patients and carers are an integral part of local commissioning in health and social care.

This JSNA resource provides a wealth of information, case studies, guidance and good practice examples. They are intended to support councils and health and wellbeing boards carry out powerful local population needs assessment and lead the statutory JSNA process.

JSNA on the Healthy Communities CoP

JSNA on the Healthy Communities CoP

See the conversation on the Healthy Communities CoP around:
JSNA toolkit: a springboard for action on the HC CoP
Useful comments have been posted by Edward Harding, Director, HKC

Also delve into the lively discussion led by Su Turner, Principal Consultant and Tess Gool Consultant (Healthy Communities Programme) that took place on 19 May 11 on:
Understanding local communities and health data

'Big Society'

The 'Big Society' policy reinforces the important role of the voluntary and community sector. This resource includes a link to work being undertaken by the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) to embed the role of the voluntary sector and community engagement in JSNA.

22 January 2012

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