Care and health improvement programme offer

The LGA has been working with the Department of Health since 2012. This work includes programmes centred on Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs), social care commissioning and market development, delayed transfer of care, safeguarding, care and health integration and the Better Care Fund. In 2015/16 70 per cent of councils accessed some support from the programme. More details can be found in out end of year report 2015/16.

Our focus for this year is to:

  1. develop effective leadership to integrate and devolve local care and health by 2020
  2. manage financial and systemic risks and improve service delivery
  3. improve quality and safeguarding

The programme delivers a broad range of support to authorities, and Health and Wellbeing Boards. Some of it is universally available and some according to need, including:

Leadership support

  • induction sessions for new Health and Wellbeing Board chairs and vice chairs
  • LGA and NHS clinical commissioners co-badged programme of Leadership Essentials for Health and Wellbeing Board chairs and vice chairs
  • mentoring for chairs, leaders and directors
  • facilitated workshops using the integration self-assessment tool
  • bespoke support for HWBs and systems co-delivered with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Peer challenge, support and diagnosis

  • health and wellbeing bespoke support
  • self-assessment tools
  • risk assessment, identification and management to help identify councils additional support

Integration, implementation and improvement support

  • support the development and implementation of the Better Care Fund and integration plans, including strategic transformation plans (STPs) at policy, strategic and delivery levels
  • support the delivery of the Better Care Fund
  • support implementation of Adult Safeguarding Boards, safeguarding and Commissioning for Better Outcomes
  • support authorities and their CCG partners to redefine the way people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour are cared for locally
  • work to resolve information sharing challenges for social care to support integration

Public reporting and analysis

  • Care Act implementation stock take
  • area profiles for adult social care, public health, and health and wellbeing areas

System resilience to support timely hospital discharge

  • roll out the use of the high impact change model to support timely hospital discharge
  • share resilience issues and concerns at a national level

Regional networks

  • support networks of regional health and wellbeing chairs, chief executives, directors of social care and operational managers
  • support regional implementation networks for adult social care improvement
  • provide expert senior Care and Health Improvement Advisers, working alongside the LGA's principal advisers, to support improvement and change.

This is in addition to our full corporate support offer

How to access this offer

To access this offer please contact your regional principal adviser for more details.

18 August 2016

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