The seven-point offer

Through 'Taking the lead', the LGA is offering councils a range of free local accountability tools and support to help strengthen local accountability and explore how effectively council services are being delivered. This offer consists of seven components:

1.  Local accountability tools

In ‘Taking the lead' we said that we would work with councils to develop tools for local accountability and "we will strengthen our online guidance to provide a package of support showing how new and existing tools can be brought together to provide regular feedback to local people."

2. Peer challenge

We are making an offer to all councils to provide, free of charge, a peer challenge over the three year period starting in April 2011. In addition, we are developing a number of bespoke, subject specific, paid-for peer challenges. 

Peer challenge

3. Peer support

We are also offering up to five days of free member peer support for all councils undergoing a change of control. For further details about how you can take advantage of these offers – or offer to become a peer yourself – please contact our Principal Advisers

4. Knowledge Hub

We know that councils want to learn from each other but find it difficult to find the time or find the right information. Therefore we are investing on behalf of the sector in a new web-based service that will create a single window to improvement in local government.

The Knowledge Hub is set to become the definitive online environment for local government to produce and capture its own knowledge. It will offer a suite of free online tools and services to help councils innovate and improve together. Launching in Autumn 2011, the Knowledge Hub will build on the current community of practice platform, to support networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Hub

5. Data and transparency

There is a clear demand among councillors and officers to be able to compare performance with other councils and areas – because it helps you to understand your own information and can act as a spur to increase productivity and optimise outcomes.

Therefore, we are creating a free of charge place within the Knowledge Hub for individual councils to lodge and access data in an open source environment to help you to understand your performance and productivity.

Local Government Inform is an online service that will allow councils to access and compare data and present findings. The service will help councils build the evidence required to make informed decisions, reduce costs and improve services.

Local Government Inform

6. Leadership support

The LGA will continue to provide development support for political and managerial leaders.

7. Learning and support networks

We will support networks of officers and councillors at national and sub-national levels, working with other sub-national groupings of councils and the relevant professional associations, to share good practice and to provide timely support. We will prioritise our support to areas that you have said are a priority, including children's and adult services.

26 January 2016

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