Customer insight: through a Total Place lens

Starting with the customer is increasingly recognised as the most productive way of designing or re-designing services. Basing developments on a real insight into customer needs, aspirations and behaviours should produce better services, as well as providing a solid platform for cross-organisational collaboration.

This report, produced by IDeA (now Local Government Improvement and Development) in collaboration with Communities and Local Government, sets out to:

  • help understand the role of customer insight in a Total Place context
  • update various previous papers on how customer insight can help local authorities to understand their customers better and design more effective and efficient services.

The report draws on the experience of the original Total Place pilots and is illustrated by examples from a range of local authorities and their partners.

Customer insight: through a Total Place lens (PDF, 20 pages, 828KB)

Total Place Customer insight case studies

Listed below are 12 case studies written with Tribal regarding the Total place pilots:

Birmingham case study (PDF, 9 pages, 380KB)

Bournemouth case study (PDF, 6 pages, 156KB)

Bradford - case study (PDF, 4 pages, 70KB)

Central Bedfordshire and Luton - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 81KB)

Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 93KB)

Croydon - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 90KB)

Kent - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 83KB)

Leicestershire and Leicester City - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 110KB)

Lewisham - case study (PDF, 5 pages, 94KB)

Manchester region and Warrington - case study (PDF, 7 pages, 151KB)

South Tyneside, Sunderland and Gateshead - case study (PDF, 8 pages, 123KB)

Total place Worcestershire - case study (PDF, 6 pages, 161KB)

8 October 2010

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