Making safeguarding personal: a toolkit for responses

The making safeguarding personal toolkit, aimed at councils and their partners, is designed to support and empower people to make difficult decisions. It was prompted by feedback from peer reviews and other sources that people involved in adult safeguarding processes can sometimes feel that they have little control, are not involved in discussions about them and have little say over outcomes.

A range of options will be required to develop a more creative, and personal response. The toolkit covers twelve key areas, some of which are tried and tested and others that have yet to be adapted to an adult safeguarding context, for example restorative justice. As well as providing practical advice the toolkit is intended to be the basis of dialogue with councils, voluntary organisations and academics about developing and evaluating new responses.

If you would like to comment on the toolkit or discuss the development of the responses please join the discussion on the Adult Safeguarding community of practice (CoP). You will need to register for the communities of practice website. This only takes a few minutes

Adult Safeguarding CoP on the CoP website

Making safeguarding personal: a toolkit of responses (PDF, 33 pages, 262KB)

11 June 2012

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