Insight: Understanding citizens, customers and communities

The IDeA (now Local Government Improvement and Development) and the Local Government Association (LGA) have published this guidance document for councils and their partners on putting in place and using customer insight.

With the new comprehensive area assessment (CAA) requirements coming into effect in April 2009, councils and their service partners must show a collective understanding of their communities.

Although the detail of CAA is still evolving, the new guidance lays out the expectation that local partners must:

  • show they understand their community - in particular, the needs and aspirations of vulnerable groups - and create local priorities that reflect those groups' needs and aspirations
  • seek to improve their customers' experience of services and tailor services to local needs.

Crucially, councils must take a coherent, structured approach to customer insight. CAA will not provide a road map for this journey, but will allow councils to develop their own approaches to suit their communities' needs.

Insight: Understanding your citizens, customers and communities - (PDF, 28 pages, 1.08MB large file)

26 July 2010

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