Front office shared service case studies 2008

Achieving transformation in two-tier areas

This report highlights the opportunities for transformation in two-tier areas and looks at how barriers can be overcome. It showcases the ambitions and experience of the two-tier pathfinder authorities. In particular, it demonstrates the service transformation and work being implemented around front office shared services.

Achieving transformation in two-tier areas (PDF, 12 pages, 338KB)

Generating and exploiting customer insight

This report considers how to generate and make effective use of customer insight to integrate local public services and deliver better outcomes. A number of councils outline their experiences of developing customer insight, including the London Borough of Barnet and Rotherham City Council. They both used customer insight data from a corporate and service-led perspective, as well as discussing specific techniques used.

Developing customer insight (PDF, 18 pages, 673KB)

Engaging citizens in transformation

This report demonstrates how we can engage citizens in reshaping local services and the way they are delivered. It looks at how we can reach a wide range of local citizens, including those who have traditionally been excluded from or found it difficult to participate in decision making.

Engaging citizens (PDF, 13 pages, 357KB)

Developing the workforce to support transformation

This report outlines how we can plan and develop the right skills and behaviours in our workforces. It investigates the sorts of skills staff at all levels within councils and their partners will need in the future. This includes customer service and customer insight skills. It looks at the ways that these skills might be developed through recruitment, training and secondments and their impact on our organisations.

Developing the workforce for transformation (PDF, 11 pages, 322KB)

Working with the third sector to transform services

This report looks at the role the third sector can play in transforming local services. It advises on how best to engage with organisations in this sector. Rushcliffe Borough Council shares experiences of partnership working with local third and voluntary-sector organisations. The London Borough of Croydon demonstrates how working with the third sector has enabled them to reshape services. This has allowed the council to better meet the needs of its customers.

Working with the third sector (PDF, 11 pages, 214KB)

Partnering successfully for transformation

This report looks at the ingredients for success in multi-agency collaboration, focused on the front office. London Connects shares experiences of how to stimulate successful partnerships in a complex and changing environment, using examples of pan-London projects. The Warwickshire Direct Partnership is a voluntary collaboration of all six councils in Warwickshire. It runs projects involving a range of other local public service partners.

Partnering and multi-agency working (PDF, 13 pages, 891KB)

Finding the right approach to service transformation

This report considers the different approaches and methodologies for transforming local services, and the impact these are having on councils. Maidstone Borough Council outline the specific approach to business transformation that they have adopted.

Managing transformation (PDF, 11 pages, 228KB)

22 May 2008

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