Using customer insight

All customer insight projects and programmes should start with a clear sense of how the knowledge will be used to make decisions.

This is a list of some of the principal applications within local government.

  • Inform strategy and policy: Information on customers and citizens can be used to inform decisions and to input into policy or scrutiny reviews.
  • Allocate resources: Resources can be prioritised to areas of greatest need, such as targeting at neighbourhood level or identifying vulnerable or under-served groups.
  • Manage performance: Understanding customers' needs and experiences can help you understand where services are performing well or badly as well as what you might do about it.
  • Market services more effectively: Understanding different groups of customers makes it possible to market services more effectively, including being able to encourage take-up of services or different channels to particular groups.
  • Change behaviours: Social marketing techniques that employ a deep understanding of the customer to provide information, products and services can be used to change people's behaviour, for example in road safety or smoking cessation initiatives.
  • Improve service design: Knowing what customers want and need from a service can help identify areas of weakness and feed into the design of that service.

30 October 2009

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