Shared chief executives and joint management: a model for the future?

With the increasing pressures on local government finances, many councils are looking at developing closer partnerships and collaborative ways of working. A growing number of councils have chosen to deepen their partnership working by sharing their chief executive and management teams.

The October 2008 publication ‘Shared Chief Executives: The lessons' from IDeA (now LGA) considered some of the early developments in sharing chief executives, highlighting the reasons for the joint arrangements.

In this new report, a year on, Stephen Fletcher and Eamon Lally explore the impact of sharing chief executives on councils' integration, particularly in terms of efficiency savings and the shared services agenda.

Shared Chief Executives and Joint Management: A model for the future? (PDF, 16 pages, 354KB)

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Shared Chief Executives: The lessons - 2008 report

20 July 2010

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