Front office shared services (FOSS) project


Research issued October 2010

The 2010 FOSS report - Delivering public services transformation 2010 - Developing the financial case for front office shared services, is reporting on continued research into FOSS operations and presents an overview of key trends in service transformation in relations to the current difference financial environment.

Foss report 2010 Delivering public service transformation (PDF, 40 pages, 1258KB)

Research issued April 2009

The third FOSS report draws on the Local Government Delivery Council's continuing research into front office shared services. Discover how integrated, locally focused and efficient public services are becoming the norm. The report is complemented with a series of ten detailed case studies, allied to analysis that addresses how to configure a business case for a FOSS initiative.
FOSS report 2009 Delivering Public Service Transformation (PDF, 36 pages, 586KB)

Front office shared services case studies 2009

Research issued 7 May 2008

The report 'Delivering public service transformation 2008' shows council progress towards developing a joined up single point of contacts for local public service users.

Delivering public service transformation 2008 (PDF, 42 pages, 419KB)

Front office shared service case studies 2008

Transforming public services is now a major theme in the work of both central and local government.

The Local Government White Paper, the 2007 Budget Report, and recent reviews such as those conducted by Sir Michael Lyons and Sir David Varney, have all highlighted the need to:

  • improve citizens' experience of public services
  • make our organisations more efficient in the way they operate

Attention has rightly focused on corporate and ‘back office' functions. However, it is the work local authorities and their partners do on the frontline that is likely to have the greatest impact on citizens and businesses.

Front office shared services (FOSS) project

The Local Government Association (LGA), Communities and Local Government, the Cabinet Office and Local Government (LG) Improvement and Development (formerly the IDeA) came together in the autumn of 2006.

They commissioned a programme of research into front office shared services (FOSS). They were supported by an external reference group of senior figures from all the public services, chaired by Janet Callender - Chief Executive of Trafford Council, and one of the local government representatives on the Cabinet Office Delivery Council.

The programme involved a range of local public sector bodies. The overall objective was to investigate opportunities for delivering more integrated and efficient services through shared ‘front office' arrangements such as:

  • one-stop shops
  • contact centres
  • web portals
  • home visiting schemes

Main outputs from the FOSS programme

Sixteen detailed case studies of Front Office Shared Service projects from around England, including appendices with further information

A list of all local authorities who submitted questionnaires as part of the research for the programme

A detailed report called 'Delivering public service transformation' sets out the main messages emerging from the research. A briefing for senior members and managers: 'New designs for public services: delivering better outcomes' places this research in the wider context of public service reform.

'Delivering public service transformation' and the briefing

A report on 'Engaging the workforce in sevice transformation', which looks at the challenges organisations face in managing the implications of service transformation for the workforce.

Engaging the workforce in sevice transformation

Delivering Better Services to Citizens

We hope that you will find these documents both practical and inspiring. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Siobhan Coughlan at LGA:

1 December 2010

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