Scrutinising the transformation of adult social care: practice guide

Adult social care is undergoing major changes to transform the way services are designed and delivered. This guide discusses key elements in the transformation programme. It will help overview and scrutiny committees (OSCs) to assess the extent to which their local authority is planning, commissioning and delivering better social care.

The aim is to enable OSCs to consider the whole process of reform, how the elements fit together and how they impact on each other and the wider provision of social care and health. The guide will also be of interest to other councillors, including executive leads for adult social care, to local authority officers and to organisations with an interest in social care including local involvement networks (LINks).

This good practice guide is a companion publication to 'Ten questions to ask if you are scrutinising the transformation of adult social care'. This is a shorter introduction to the issues published by the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) and the LGA (previously the IDeA) in 2009.

The 10 questions in the first document are structured on the key priorities drawn from the milestones for the first stage of transformation up to April 2011. These have been set out by the Putting People First Consortium which includes the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Local Government Association (LGA), LGA (formerly the IDeA), the Department of Health (DH) and other stakeholders.

Scrutinising the transformation of adult social care: practice guide (PDF, 19 pages, 807KB)

9 September 2010

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