Front office shared service case studies 2009

Delivering public service transformation 2009

This report offers both a review of the landscape of the latest FOSS projects, drawing on practical examples of the work that local authorities are doing in partnership with local public service organisations, and an analysis of the context and drivers for developing FOSS models. The report is set in the real world of the current economic downturn, which has led to an increasing demand for services. It prompts authorities and their local partners to look at how they might achieve efficiencies, by combining related services at the point of contact for their shared customers. The report also shares learning, opportunities and challenges for FOSS operations.

Delivering public service transformation 2009 (PDF, 19 pages, 508KB)

Developing the business case for FOSS

Developing the business case for a major change programme remains a challenging task for many local authorities, particularly for projects focused on shared services and the front office. This practitioner guidance, developed as part of FOSS 2009, highlights effective approaches to developing business cases for FOSS initiatives. The guidance is based on a synthesis of the lessons uncovered since the FOSS research began in 2006, and a summary of the existing good practices documented by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), 4ps, Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury and the IDeA.

Developing the business case for FOSS (PDF, 17 pages, 416KB)

FOSS project case studies

Hackney public service promise

Leveraging the governance arrangements of its Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), the London Borough of Hackney is improving access to frontline customer services across all local public services. This is by jointly reviewing its physical assets and staff training with other service delivery partners.

Hackney public service promise (PDF, 9 pages, 365KB)

Hackney corporate business case (PDF, 3 pages, 88KB)

Kent gateway programme

Building up on a pilot gateway centre in Ashford, the partners have opened gateways in retail locations in Thanet, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone, They are being used to deliver services tailored to the needs of each local community.

Kent gateway programme (PDF, 11 pages, 353KB)

Greenwich - customer-centric integrated approach

Working with a range of local partners, the London Borough of Greenwich is developing a number of major new customer service centres. They offer local communities an innovative mix of leisure, cultural and front and back office facilities.

Greenwich - customer-centric integrated approach (PDF, 10 pages, 249KB)

The Eltham Centre - video case study

Lambeth Gracefield Gardens - customer centre

The London Borough of Lambeth is working with the Primary Care trust (PCT) and a range of voluntary and community groups, to provide new and improved social care facilities for the community. The project has been delivered through cross-training and the development of multi-skilled staff.

Lambeth Gracefield Gardens - customer centre (PDF, 9 pages, 298KB)

Consumer Direct Wales

Consumer Direct Wales is a centre of excellence delivered by Cardiff City Council in partnership with the Office of Fair Trading and the 22 local authorities in Wales. The initiative has significantly improved the ability to respond to customers' concerns and queries about trading standards across Wales.

Consumer Direct Wales (PDF, 9 pages, 301KB)

Tell us once

The following is a national programme supported by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It works with a number of local authorities to help develop a service for citizens to give their details once when reporting bereavement or a birth. And for those details to be shared, with the consent of users of the services, with other appropriate government agencies.

Tell us once (PDF, 11 pages, 303KB)

Online free school meals

This is a project where central and local government are working together. It addresses issues around the sharing of information, in order to empower local citizens and to make processes more efficient when awarding free school meals to eligible children.

Online free school meals (PDF, 11 pages, 265KB)

Essex County Council - local postal network in Essex

Working with Post Office Limited, local residents and the district councils in the area, Essex County Council has brought the strategic management of the local post office network into the family of local government services. Post offices that were closed have now been reopened and are once again providing a range of services to local communities.

Essex County Council - local postal network in Essex (PDF, 9 pages, 350KB)

Cumbria local links

Working across two tiers and with a range of other partners, these partners have developed a series of ‘Local Links' which offer a range of local services across the county. It also involves the innovative management of assets.

Cumbria local links (PDF, 16 pages, 354KB)

North East Derbyshire - shared customer services

North East Derbyshire District Council hosts a shared customer service function that provides front office access to its own services, as well as those of Chesterfield Borough Council and Rykneld Homes Ltd. The single customer services team operates a telephone call centre, two reception points (one in each of the councils), and a one-stop shop in Dronfield, as well as dealing with web, email and SMS contacts.

North East Derbyshire - shared customer services (PDF, 9 pages, 232KB)

Updates on 2007 FOSS project case studies

Sunderland - customer service centre at Bunny Hill

The customer service centre at Bunny Hill brings together business, public and voluntary services in one place. This enables the council and partner agencies to provide access to a range of services to residents in one of the more deprived areas in the city. Footfall has risen greatly since the centre has opened, and the centre has been able to extend opening hours. The Jobcentre Plus has moved into the centre, increasing the services people can access. The centre plans to pursue community development proactively, particularly focusing on young people in the area.

Sunderland - customer service centre at Bunny Hill (PDF, 10 pages, 367KB)

Staffordshire Moorlands - Councils Connect

Three one-stop shops have opened providing access to a range of local services to the residents of Leek, Cheadle and Biddluph. There are also five access points where people can use self service facilities and access services on line. New partners in the ventures include the police and the job centre, widening the diverse services available. There are plans to look at the possibility of opening a mobile facility to widen the number of people who access facilities.

Staffordshire Moorlands - Councils Connect (PDF, 11 pages, 578KB)

Western-super-Mare, North Somerset - For all health living

The For all healthy living centre has just had its fourth anniversary. This centre joins up services from the community, council, primary health care and a range of partners to improve facilities and services in one easy to access service centre. The centre is building strong links with Jobcentre Plus, which is due to open just across the road. There are plans to expand the current site to include the health centre and community learning facilities, community garden and potentially a dentist.

Western-super-Mare, North Somerset - For all health living (PDF, 11 pages, 490KB)

Nottinghamshire - First Connect Signposting scheme

Launched in 2005, this multi-agency service enables access to a number of preventative services through a single contact point. This scheme has now been rolled out all over Nottinghamshire with local partners varying in different locations. The scheme has recently secured funding from the Health and Social Wellbeing Partnership Gedling, Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC), Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), PCT and the borough and district councils.

Nottinghamshire - First Connect Signposting scheme (PDF, 9 pages, 293KB)

South Yorkshire - e@sy Connect

The e@sy Connect service offers customers access to services via the web, phone and digital television. Services that are accessible through these channels continue to grow and evolve. An example is online resources that have been developed to improve the delivery of workforce development services to learners and jobseekers. e@sy Connect is about to launch a new neighbourhood watch scheme that will allow customers to provide information over a wide range of mediums.

South Yorkshire - e@sy Connect (PDF, 11 pages, 320KB)

Bury St Edmunds - Public Service Village

This programme provides an innovatively designed building to allow customers easier and improved access to authority services. This centre opened in March 2009, so benefits are still being realised. The ambition is for the public to access services from either Suffolk County Council or St Edmundsbury Borough Council without having to know which council provides the service. Once the services are established new partners will be invited to join the venture, increasing the facilities the public can access.

Bury St Edmunds - Public Service Village (PDF, 10 pages, 317KB)

24 December 2009

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