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Case studies

The following case studies are available on the technology and introductory pages of this resource.

Energy planning

Stockport's energy opportunities and policies

Mapping the potential for sustainable energy in Cheshire East


Barnsley sets off biomass boilers

Suffolk's Wood Fuel Programme

Worcestershire uses new biomass boiler for their primary school

Combined heat and power

City of London's combined heat and power plant

Nottingham's warmth from waste system

Tower Hamlets turns up the heat

District heating

Islington heats up a borough-wide network

Woking uses CHP to make major cuts in carbon emissions

Sheffield makes an annual saving of 21,000 tonnes of carbon emissions

Energy from waste

Anaerobic digestion: reducing landfill waste

Funding the move to anaerobic digestion

Building an anaerobic digestion plant in partnership

Heat pumps

Cornwall goes retro with heat pumps

Hull uses heat pumps as part of their eco-efficiency plan

Howe Dell leads the way in building an eco-school by using heat pumps


Bainbridge uses hydropower in economical scheme

Hydropower plant wins awards in Settle

Torrs leads the way in providing a community hydro scheme

Solar panels - photovoltaics

Kirklees use solar panels as part of their green ambition

Okehampton College saves on energy by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels

Birmingham pilots photovoltaic panels (PV) scheme

Wind turbines

Bristol City Council's wind turbines

South Wheatley wind turbine project

Sustainable Hockerton

Other good practice

The Leader of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Cllr David Goddard, spoke at the recent LGA conference on renewable energy. You can listen to a podcast of his presentation or read the transcript on the Compare renewables website. In this presentation, Cllr Goddard explains what was needed in Stockport to get energy projects going. He explains that it is essential to understanding what works in your area, have a bottom-up planning process and show strong leadership.

Renewable energy in your local area, an opportunity not a threat!

1 May 2012

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