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There are an increasing number of organisations and resources focused on supporting the development of customer insight in local government.

The LGA and Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly IDeA) have produced guidance on different aspects of customer insight.

In 2008, the front office shared services (FOSS) project also published 'Developing Customer Insight', which gives a useful introduction to customer insight:

Front office shared service (FOSS) case studies 2008 - for the publication 'Developing Customer Insight'

Customer insight document store - guidance and customer satisfaction measures on the LGA website

Local government data handling guides - on the LGA website

Government Connect support and data handling guidelines for local government

Customer focus case studies and feature articles

Join the Customer Insight Community of Practice (CoP)

LGA hosts the Customer Insight CoP, which has held an online conference on customer insight. The CoP is the place to discuss and publish best practice and guidance on customer insight.

To join the Customer Insight CoP, first register on the Communities of Practice website - it only takes five minutes. Once you've registered, search for 'customer insight'.

Join the Customer Insight Community of Practice

Local Government Customer Insight Forum

This forum promotes work on transforming local services and developing customer insight. It also acts as a link between local and central government. It is a sub-group of the Local Government Delivery Council and includes representatives from all English regions and from a range of different types and sizes of council.

Find out more about the Local Government Customer Insight Forum

Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs)

Your nearest RIEP may have programmes that can provide support and advice on developing and using customer insight.

Find your nearest Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership

The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office has a central unit that develops and promotes customer insight in the public sector. It also hosts the government-wide Customer Insight Forum. The Cabinet Office has also produced the following publications:

  • 'Customer Insight in Public Services - a primer' (October 2006), which provides some more detailed information on different aspects of customer insight.
  • 'Customer Matters' (January 2009), celebrating the pioneering work around the country to provide citizens and businesses with the excellent public services they deserve.

Customer Insight in Public Services - a primer' - on the Customer Service Excellence website

Delivery Council workplan - on the Cabinet Office website, containing a PDF of the publication 'Customer Matters'


The electronic service delivery toolkit has a dedicated community and resources to better support customer insight:

Customer Insight resource - on the esd communities website

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

The ICO publishes a range of guidance on data protection, in particular:

Data sharing between local government departments - PDF on the ICO website

Framework code of practice for sharing personal information - PDF on the ICO website

Privacy impact assessment guidance - on the ICO website.

26 July 2010

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