Front office shared service case studies 2007

The 16 projects in the Front Office Shared Service programme were chosen as examples of what is already being achieved, rather than as ‘exemplars' of specific types of best practice. They are not meant to represent all the transformation that is taking place locally, but clearly have a value as reference for what is possible.

Dorset for You

This partnership created a website joining the two tiers of local government in Dorset. They benefit from joint delivery of software applications, providing a unified approach to:

  • online recruitment
  • complaints
  • school admissions
  • other services

Each participant has now shut down their individual websites, and the Dorset Portal provides a single service to citizens.

One port of call: the 'Dorset for You' web project (PDF, 14 pages, 117KB)
Appendices: Dorset for You (PDF, 2 pages, 41KB)

Northumbria 101

The Northumbria Partnership delivers a single non-emergency number for 1.4 million citizens. The three-digit number - “101” - is an access point for a range of community safety services. These include:

  • addressing vandalism
  • graffiti
  • noise nuisance
  • street-lighting

The service operates over a shared virtual contact centre and uses existing contact infrastructure to field the calls. The partnership comprises Northumbria Police Authority and all local authorities in the region.

Northumbria 101: a 3-digit telephone number for community safety services (PDF, 16 pages, 106KB)

Rushcliffe First Contact Signposting Scheme

This was launched in November 2005. It is a multi-agency service enabling staff, volunteers and older people to access a range of preventative services through a single gateway. Participating agencies include Rushcliffe and Nottinghamshire County Councils, the primary care trust health providers, fire service, police, and the voluntary sector.

A simple checklist enables access to services which enhance independence and improve well being. The first organisation to make contact with the older person completes the checklist to identify services that are needed.

Rushcliffe First Contact Signposting Scheme (PDF, 12 pages, 105KB)
Appendices: Rushcliffe First Contact Signposting Scheme (PDF, 5 pages, 97KB)

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council: Councils Connect

The objective of Councils Connect is to make frontline services more accessible to the public. There are three one-stop shops situated in the major urban areas of Staffordshire Moorlands. They serve 95,000 people across the district, handling 170,000 enquiries on an annual basis.

There are also five remote access points, or kiosks, where citizens can self-serve via online services from less accessible areas. The project has grown out of local needs, such as the demand to preserve the police presence in Biddulph.

Councils Connect: empowering Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (PDF, 16 pages, 304KB)
Appendices: Councils Connect (PDF, 44 pages, 828KB)
Extra appendix: Councils Connect newsletter (PDF, 8 pages, 297KB)

Tameside Council and pension service joint team

The partnership combines the functions and capacity of the Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Council team and the Pension Service team. It creates a more complete and coordinated service
for citizens, and a more efficient use of resources.

Tameside Council and pension service joint team (PDF, 12 pages, 106KB)

Weston-super-Mare: For All Healthy Living Centre

The partnership delivers a one-stop-shop serving a deprived area of North Somerset. It hosts a broad range of organisations and services including:

  • a GP surgery
  • a library
  • a children's centre
  • a community run café
  • a debt advice (via Citizens Advice Bureau and a credit union)
  • a multi-faith chapel
  • a children's playground
  • facilities for community-led drop in sessions, internet access, and a community association

Weston-super-Mare: the 'For All Healthy Living Centre' (PDF, 12 pages, 222KB)

The Worcestershire Hub

The Worcestershire Hub is a partnership programme focused on improving access to services for the people of Worcestershire. The hub now handles around 83,000 contacts in an average month (58,000 by telephone).

Over 80 per cent of queries are resolved in a single contact and citizens can also use an online portal. The Hub offers a platform and way of working that facilitates further partnering, such as with Job Centre Plus and the police.

The Worcestershire Hub: a one-stop shop for customer service (PDF, 16 pages, 96KB)
Appendices: Worcestershire Hub (PDF, 1 page, 59KB)

South Yorkshire: e@sy connects

The e@sy connects partnership offers citizens and businesses from across South Yorkshire access to services from a broad range of agencies over the web, digital TV and mobile telephones. Customers can:

  • book an appointment with a GP
  • schedule a call with Job Centre Plus
  • pay Council Tax
  • check local transport information

South Yorkshire: e@sy connects (PDF, 16 pages, 226KB)

North Lincolnshire: Fresh Start

North Lincolnshire's well-being and social inclusion project - 'Fresh Start' - is run by older people for older people. The partnership has created a number of local older people's forums which co-ordinate and focus the efforts and inputs of public and voluntary sector service providers around real customer needs.

North Lincolnshire: 'Fresh Start' for older people (PDF, 16 pages, 118KB)
Appendices: 'Fresh Start' North Lincolnshire (PDF, 4 pages, 153KB)

London: ReportIT

Report IT is a pan-London system that provides an easy and efficient way to report street related problems via the 'Your London' web site. Report IT also enables London citizens to be kept updated on the progress being made towards resolving such things as:

  • graffiti
  • abandoned cars
  • noise
  • dumped rubbish

Partners comprise all 33 London Boroughs, the City of London and London Connects.

London connects: 'ReportIT' for street-related problems (PDF, 16 pages, 404KB)

Kent Gateway

This partnership has established a pilot multi-agency service in Ashford that delivers public and voluntary
services in a retail environment. Eleven further gateways will be rolled out across Kent over the next few years.

Kent Gateway: the future is retail (PDF, 16 pages, 262KB)
Appendices: Kent Gateway (PDF, 13 pages, 301KB)
Extra appendix: Gateway strategy for Kent (PDF, 2047KB)

Derbyshire e-government partnership

The partnership provides joined-up, two tier provision of services to citizens, with common and cross-boundary access to services. The partnership has developed a number of shared service initiatives including:

  • a common A-Z and FAQ information for websites
  • a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the area
  • joint e-recruitment services
  • selection of a common customer relationship management system

The Derbyshire e-government partnership (PDF, 12 pages, 82KB)

Bury St Edmunds: Public Service Village

St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Suffolk County Council are working together to develop Bury St Edmunds Public Service Village (PSV). This is a programme to construct a new, innovatively designed building offering citizens improved access to both authorities' services.

A range of other public sector partners - including the Police, PCT, West Suffolk College and Magistrates Court - have expressed interest and are exploring opportunities to locate staff at the PSV or to build new facilities on the same site.

Bury St Edmunds: Public Service Village (PDF, 16 pages, 384KB)
Appendices: Public Service Village, Bury St Edmunds (PDF, 2 pages, 93KB)

The Sunderland Customer Service Centre Bunny Hill

The Sunderland Customer Service Centre Bunny Hill brings together business, voluntary and public sector organisations to pioneer a new model of service provision.

Sunderland City Council adopted a ‘community leadership' role and worked with a range of public agencies to provide the widest possible array of services to the local community.

Bunny Hill: Sunderland Customer Service Centre (PDF, 14 pages, 108KB)
Appendices: Bunny Hill Customer Service Centre (PDF, 3 pages, 72KB)

Braintree: Working better, Together

This exciting programme brings together Braintree District Council and Essex County Council in a new joint office and customer access facility. It replaces an assortment of buildings currently used by the district council and county council departments in and around Braintree.

It is the embodiment of enhanced, two-tier working in this area. Other partners including police, fire and local NHS trusts will explore further sharing of office occupancy and customer access facilities in the future.

Working Better, Together at Braintree (PDF, 12 pages, 195KB)
Appendices: Braintree - Working Better, Together (PDF, 3 pages, 58KB)

Braintree Children's Trust

The trust offers a single point of access to services, making it easier for those in need to engage with the authorities. It offers personalised services to children with additional needs at risk of social or educational exclusion but who would not meet the thresholds for other services.

Braintree Children's Trust (PDF, 12 pages, 103KB)
Appendices: Braintree Children's Trust (PDF, 7 pages, 105KB)

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