Peers and peer review

Local Government Association (LGA) is recruiting specialist peers to support its adult social care and safeguarding peer review programme. We are seeking to recruit directors, aspiring directors of adults' services and specialists, together with senior colleagues from partner organisations.

Prospective peers will take part in an assessment and briefing event that will run from the evening of one day through to the end of the following day. Further events are to be scheduled.

Accredited peers are serving public sector officers and councillors who have shown they have the relevant competencies to operate as a peer. Peers help build capacity, confidence and sustainability in local government by sharing knowledge and experience. They champion change through their own actions, recognising and celebrating excellence in others.

Peers will take part in LGA's safeguarding and adult social care peer reviews and challenge, as well as other forms of sector-led support. People who have acted as peers have found it to be an immensely challenging and rewarding form of professional development, as well as being invaluable to the organisations they are supporting.

The peer review is not an inspection  rather, it is a supportive but challenging approach to assist councils and their partners in celebrating their strengths and identifying their own areas for improvement. For peers themselves, the peer review experience is a valuable opportunity to further their own learning and experience, and work at the heart of sector-led support.

During the review, peers work closely with the host authority, and collaborate with their team of five multi-agency specialist colleagues.

Peer teams comprise of:

  • a director of adult social care (team leader)
  • a lead member for adult social care or equivalent
  • a senior social work practitioner or safeguarding co-ordinator
  • a senior health or police peer
  • the peer review manager (LGA manager).

On average, each peer is asked to commit five days to a review, although the team leader may be required to commit up to two further days for pre and post-review work.

Further information

If you are interested in becoming a peer and can commit to at least one peer review in 2010/11, please contact:

Jess O'Brien
Principal Consultant, Local Government Association
Telephone (mobile): 07789 512077


10 July 2012

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