Social care transformation: elected member briefing

There is a growing force for change in social care, driven by the desire to improve the quality of life for disabled and older people. This vision for social care fits squarely within the wider public policy reform agenda, outlined in the2006 Local Government White Paper 'Strong and Prosperous Communities' and supported by the 2007 Lyons Inquiry into the future of local government.

It is about the role your council can play in improving the wellbeing of local disabled and older people, and the choice and flexibility that you can extend to individuals and communities so that they can design solutions that work for them. Members are ideally placed to drive these improvements forwards.

This briefing outlines the vision and aims of 'Putting People First', as well as its implications for lead members and council budgets. It is also useful reading for any councillor interested in the transformation agenda.

Social care transformation: elected member briefing (PDF, 4 pages, 367KB)


10 July 2012

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