Local Government Workforce Demographics

By combining data from the Local Government Earnings Survey, Quarterly Public Sector Employment Survey and Labour Force Survey we have produced a demographic profile of the local government workforce. This includes data on age, gender, ethnic group and disability status.

Key findings include:

  • There is a modest increase in local government employees under 30 over the last 10 years, and a shift to more people over 55 although this is consistent with the wider shift in the population.
  • Around three quarters of the workforce are female except in shire districts where just over half the workforce are female.
  • Around eight per cent of the local government workforce are black, Asian and minority ethnicity. This figure increases to 36 per cent in London Boroughs.
  • Over 15 per cent of the local government workforce are Disability Discrimination Act disabled or work-limiting disabled. This is in line with rates in the rest of the public sector but almost three per cent higher than in the whole economy and private sector.

Local Government Workforce Demographics 2010 (PDF, 16 pages, 754KB)

This paper provides a summary of the key demographic profiles and trends over the past decade.

Earnings Survey 2010 - demographic feedback (XLS, 570KB)

This interactive feedback file enables respondents to the Earnings Survey 2010 to compare their authority's demographic profile with regional, authority type and national profiles.


Email: research@local.gov.uk


26 August 2014

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