Making open data work for you: case studies

The LGA promotes an open and transparent local government to meet local needs and demands. It encourages a sector-led approach to open data and fosters the learning and sharing through the "Making open data work for you" initiative. 

Many local authorities increasingly release open data in meaningful and innovative ways and engage with local groups to make better use of it. This page shares some examples of open data use in local authorities. If you do not find what you are looking for, please get in contact.

Case studies

The LGA has collated some good practice case studies to support councils to realise the potential of using open data.

Bristol City Council: Bringing open data to life


Bristol engages with the community to foster the use of open data and encourage citizen to use online technology to engage with local activities and democracy.

London Borough of Redbridge: Open data and Datashare


Redbridge built an open data platform to publish their data to make it available and usable to everyone.

Leeds Data Mill


Leeds Data Mill is an engagement platform designed to release and encourage the use of open data from the council and other external organisations to drive collaboration, innovation and engagement within the city.

Norfolk County Council enhanced data spend

Norfolk County Council is creating new insights in its procurement by redesigning how it publishes procurement and contracting data using an accessible interactive dashboard.

North Somerset Council tourism data


North Somerset is opening up historic together with other tourism data to enhance the visitor experience to the area.

Sheffield air quality+ open data


Sheffield City Council collaborated with the Better with Data Society to deliver a programme of co-design activities to engage local people with data and use it to better understand and tackle the issue of air quality in the city.

The Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab


The Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab is using open data in a variety of innovative ways to analyse and visualise what is happening in the local area and to inform, assist and engage with the voluntary and community sector and decision and policy makers.


Local open data projects

Local government received £2.64 million in grant funding through the open data breakthrough programme and incentive scheme between 2013 and 2015 to support authorities in releasing and making use of open data. Evaluation reports of some of the projects have been published below which provide examples of open data use and publishing practice. See more here


For further information about the local transparency programme contact or visit



22 December 2016

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