Daily News Headlines 21 February 2012

Councils spend £515 million on CCTV
Town halls have spent more than half a billion pounds on CCTV cameras over the past four years, figures out today claim. The £515 million could have put more than 4,000 extra police constables on the streets, says pressure group Big Brother Watch. Cllr Mehboob Khan, Chair of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, was interviewed on BBC 5 Live Breakfast and BBC Radio London.
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‘Bus pass ban will help economy'
Pensioners should lose their free bus travel as part of a £15 billion bid to help the economy, a think-tank said yesterday. The £1 billion estimated annual cost of the passes is a low-priority item which does nothing to improve the economy, according to the Social Market Foundation.
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The multicultural society is dead declares Pickles
Whitehall 'diversity' targets to promote multi-culturalism are to be scrapped, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles will announce today as he unveils a new race-relations strategy which emphasises the Union flag and Britain's Christian heritage. He will say Whitehall policy makers and local authorities must promote national unity and British values rather than encouraging ethnic or cultural "division".
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Cash reward for putting young jobless into work
Companies and charities will be paid more than £2,000 for every jobless youth they place in employment or education, Nick Clegg is set to announce. The Deputy Prime Minister will claim the "payment by results" scheme will help defuse a "time-bomb" of young people who do not have a job or place in education.
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Employers warn of failure in education system
Britain's education system is failing both business and the workforce, a group of leading employers including Adecco, the recruiter, Deloitte, the professional services firm, and Cisco, the network equipment company, have warned. The companies say the gulf between what employers need and the skills of students emerging from schools and colleges is widening. They call for an urgent effort by Government, educators and businesses to equip prospective employees with the interpersonal skills as well as the qualifications they say are lacking.
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Millions of families hit by worst drought in 30 years
A hosepipe ban is looming for millions of households as critically low rainfall has officially plunged southeast England into drought today.
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Wirral Council leader Jeff Green wants whistleblower inquiry
The new Conservative leader of Wirral Council has said he wants a public inquiry into how allegations of malpractice in care homes were handled. Jeff Green said the council had "lost the respect of the public" and he would make "every effort" to get an inquiry. 
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21 February 2012

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