LGA responds to RAC survey on potholes

Responding to a new RAC survey on potholes, Cllr Peter Box, Transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, said:

"Councils are fixing more potholes than ever before – one every 15 seconds – and keeping roads safe is one of the most important jobs they do. However, local authorities are hamstrung by a huge disparity in funding. The Government has earmarked more than 40 times less money for local roads, which councils look after, compared to motorways and main roads.

"Councils face a £12 billion backlog of road repairs which would already take more than a decade to clear. Current funding levels mean councils are only able to keep pace with patching up our roads and filling potholes rather than carrying out more cost-effective and long-term improvements.

"Long-term and consistent investment in local road maintenance is desperately needed from government to improve road conditions for motorists and cyclists."

Notes to editors

  1. Between 2015/16 to 2021, the Government is spending £6 billion on maintaining the strategic road network which represents 2 per cent of roads carrying a third of all traffic. With 4,300 miles of Strategic Road Network (SRN) that is £1.3 million of funding per mile.
  2. During the same period, the Government is spending £5.8 billion on maintaining and improving the other 98 per cent of roads controlled by councils and carrying two thirds of traffic. With 183,400 miles of local roads that is £31,625 of funding per mile.


2 August 2016


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