LGA responds to Government starter homes announcement

Media release 3 January 2017

Responding to the Government announcement that construction on new starter homes will begin in 30 council areas, Cllr Martin Tett, Housing spokesman for the Local Government Association, said:

"The shortage of houses in this country is a top concern for people who are finding that buying their first house is increasingly out of reach. Councils support measures to boost home ownership and starter homes are one of the ways this can be achieved.

"It is good that the Government is working closely with councils to build more homes, alongside the infrastructure needed to support strong communities. Ultimately, local areas will need discretion on the number of starter homes required in new developments. This will allow councils to ensure a mix of homes – to rent and buy – are built which are affordable for those people that need them and that are crucial for enabling people to save money towards a deposit.

"The Government's Housing White Paper is a further opportunity to boost housing supply, affordability and home ownership. If we are to stand any chance of solving our housing crisis, it must recognise that a renaissance in housebuilding is essential to ensure more of the genuinely affordable homes that our communities desperately need are built."

3 January 2017