Flooding - LGA responds to EFRA committee update on future of flood prevention report

LGA press release 24 January 2017

Responding to an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee update on the future of flood prevention, Cllr Martin Tett, Local Government Association Environment spokesman, said:

"The key to protecting communities from the sort of devastation seen last winter is for government to devolve funding to councils, who know their areas best and can most effectively meet local needs. Councils make considerable contributions to flood defences yet they have little control over where the money is spent.

"The Government must also introduce mandatory anti-flood requirements for new homes which are included in building regulations. These would require developers to introduce measures like raised electrical sockets, fuse boxes, controls and wiring above floor level; ventilation brick covers; sealed floors; and raised damp-proof courses.

"Local authorities throw out planning applications which are reckless and irresponsible. Councils are generally opposed to building property on floodplains and 99.7 per cent of the 66,132 new homes in 2015/16, where the Environment Agency were consulted, had planning outcomes in line with Environment Agency advice.

"Where building does take place on a floodplain, the local authority would need to be reassured that adequate defences were in place so that the risk of flooding would be minimised and that measures would be in place to prevent or minimise water from entering homes."

25 January 2017

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