LGA responds to new RAC Foundation report on road bridges

Responding to a new RAC Foundation report on road bridges, Cllr Martin Tett, LGA Transport Spokesman, said:

"This survey underlines the chronic need for more investment in local roads. The backlog of repairs on existing roads is predicted to be £14 billion within two years and it would currently take 14 years to fix the backlog of potholes. Over the remaining years of the decade the Government will invest more than £1.1 million per mile in maintaining national roads - which make up just 3 per cent of all total roads. This level of investment contrasts starkly with the £27,000 per mile investment available to councils in maintaining local roads, which are controlled by councils and make up 97 per cent of England's road network. This gulf in funding puts the country's businesses at a competitive disadvantage and provides poor value for money. Virtually every "national" journey starts and ends locally, which means the road network is not working as well as it could for people in their corner of the country. Recent flooding events have shown how vital bridges are in linking together communities and enabling shoppers and local traders to go about their business."

9 March 2017


Matthew Cooper
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