Faith and belief in partnership – Effective collaboration with local government

published by Local Government Association

24 August 2012

Religious and belief issues have become increasingly significant for councils and their partners in recent years, in part due to the inclusion of ‘religion and belief' in the Equality Act as well as Government agendas on partnership, community empowerment and preventing violent extremism.

The coalition Government's policies on localism, the Big Society, integration and deficit-reduction suggest a continued, if not increased, need for councils to work in dialogue and partnership with the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

This report summarises key strategies and methods of effective partnership and engagement adopted by councils and faith and humanist partners in four case study areas across England: Watford, Barnet, Leicester and Pendle. It is primarily aimed at councils and faith and belief groups with an interest in working together, but will also be of relevance to voluntary and community sector organisations and other statutory partners.

The research entailed 39 semi-structured interviews, two focus groups and a documentary review undertaken between September 2010 and July 2011. It was funded by Local Government Improvement and Development (now LGA) and focused on the opportunities, challenges and methods of effective partnership and engagement.

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6 January 2017

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