Syrian refugee resettlement: A guide for local authorities

published by LGA

29 June 2016

Syrian refugee resettlement - A guide for local authorities' is for all those in local authorities who have a role in leading, planning, delivering and continually seeking to improve services for resettled Syrian refugees, though it may be of most interest to those new to the programme and new to resettlement.

The guide covers the whole process that involves the local authority from the decision-making process about whether or not to participate in the programme; on to the practicalities of accepting individual cases and the funding available to support this; pre-arrival preparations and what to cover in the first week; ongoing support and exit arrangements to successful integration into local communities. It also provides examples of practice used by some local authorities, checklists and top tips.

The guide was commissioned by the LGA from Migration Yorkshire.

An executive summary outlines the key considerations for local authorities considering or already participating in the scheme.

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16 January 2017