Use of resources: How do you know you are making the best use of scarce resources?

published by LGA

24 February 2017

In general, adult social care tends to account for the largest proportion of councils' controllable expenditure: the national average was around 35 per cent in 2014/15.

Coupled with unprecedented financial pressures on local government as a whole and increases in demand, councils have been faced with demographic change, significant new legislation on social care and fundamental changes to the local government finance system.

Most councils know that in the current financial climate they will be unable to keep pace with these demographic and financial pressures.

Therefore, lead members for adult social care are having to engage in a fundamental re-think about how they use their scarce resources to benefit the most vulnerable members of their communities. The below offers some key messages to consider when undertaking this and some questions to lead members may wish consider when leading changes to the way services are developed and delivered.

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24 February 2017