There are a wide range of organisations that support or provide services of potential use to local government research. This section provides details for some of these that visitors and users of the site may find helpful.

Our partners

Central Local Information Partnership (CLIP)

CLIP was established in 1998 to enable central and local government to work together to develop efficient and effective statistical information. Much of this work is undertaken by subject-specific sub-groups and the CLIP website contains the latest news from these subgroups, details of forthcoming events and links to other key organisations.

Living With Environmental Change (LWEC)

Living With Environmental Change represents a partnership of 20 UK organisations, funding, undertaking and using environmental research, including the Research Councils, government departments, devolved administrations and delivery agencies. The 10-year programme will connect world-leading natural, engineering, economic, social, medical, cultural, arts, and humanities researchers with policy makers, business, the public, and other key stakeholders.

Local Authorities Research Council Initiative (LARCI)

The Local Authorities Research Council Initiative (LARCI) established in 1997 to bring Local Authorities and the Research Councils into closer partnership has now reached the end of its funding. To replace LARCI the wide variety of research and knowledge exchange schemes that Research Councils run will be open to Local Authorities. This will provide new opportunities and encourage further and broader engagement between the Research Councils and Local Authorities.

Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA)

LARIA (the Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association) was established in 1974 to promote the role and practice of research within the field of local government and provide a supportive network for those conducting or commissioning research. Membership of LARIA is open to anyone working in research and intelligence for a local authority, or in an allied field.

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

Ever since 1946 NFER have been working to equip decision makers, managers and practitioners with the most innovative thinking, practical research and responsive assessment programmes to underpin the drive towards excellence in education and lifelong learning. They undertake around 200 research projects every year and work spans all sectors of education, from pre-school to lifelong learning. NFER provide high quality, evidence-based research for policy makers, managers and practitioners.

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)

NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) exists to encourage more and different adults to engage in learning of all kinds. They campaign for – and celebrate the achievements of – adult learners, young and old, and in all their diversity. NIACE is the largest organisation working to promote the interests of learners and potential learners in England and Wales. NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education - England and Wales) is a non-governmental organisation working for more and different adult learners.

National Youth Agency (NYA)

The National Youth Agency supports those involved in young people's personal and social development and works to enable all young people to fulfil their potential within a just society.

Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE)

The Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE) Gallery of Experts showcases the experience and expertise of investigators and researchers within a major UK research programme focused on SUE.