Universal Credit and the European Social Fund

A guide to local authority welfare-related applications and recent case study examples has been added to the publications list on the LGA website, and can be accessed here.

Local government has key role in helping Universal Credit (UC) claimants move closer to employment. Councils, working together with partners, are in the best position to draw together local assistance and tailor it to individual claimants' needs. The examples in the guide clearly show what can be achieved by developing and building on effective local partnerships.

The challenges include how to provide more integrated support, more data sharing and co-location of services in the same building. The ESF provides opportunities to develop and test out new ways of helping claimants and developing local solutions ahead of the wider volume roll out of Universal Credit.

This guide suggests some of the preparation needed to access the funding available. The advice is based on information about the future ESF bid process, and the experience of councils who have made recent successful applications, and are now delivering their projects.

27 March 2015