LGA Principal Advisers

The focal point for the LGA's relationship management activity is through our team of seven principal advisers.

Access the interactive map below to find the contact details for the LGA principal adviser in your region. These are your first points of contact with the LGA. 

South East London East of England East Midlands Yorkshire and Humber North East West Midlands and South West West Midlands and South West North West

Principal advisers are the LGA's focal point for discussions with councils about their improvement needs and the support we can make available – working with existing sector-owned improvement bodies at sub-national level and with colleagues supporting Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care (TEASC).

Principal advisers also have a key role in identifying good and innovative practice, which is fed back into the LGA to inform the wider improvement offer to the sector.

Principal advisers also work closely with other LGA colleagues, contributing to the LGA's wider policy development and lobbying work and helping to identify councils from their areas who are keen to get more actively involved in this aspect of the LGA's work.

Each principal adviser is responsible for one or more regions. Principal advisers have extensive experience of working at a senior level in local government and the wider local public sector.

19 May 2016

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