Positive evaluation of ESF employment project

A European Social Fund (ESF) project which ran in Oxford from May 2014 until the end of June 2015 has been positively evaluated. The evaluation report is available here.

The aims of the project were to support unemployed and underemployed local people to find work or to increase their working hours, and to develop a comprehensive network of local delivery partners. In doing this, the project also aimed to establish an operational and sustainable Local Support Services Framework (LSSF, to deliver USdl - now called Universal Support), as envisaged by the government's programme of welfare reforms and in preparation for the introduction of Universal Credit.

A total of 230 residents participated in the project. 62 of the participants found work or materially increased their hours of work during the project.

27% of project customers found sustainable work, against a project target of 20%. The overwhelming majority (85%) of these were still in work at the end of the project. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) estimates that savings to the NHS and increased individual earnings mean that the total public value added by customers moving into work was £728,856. 

9 February 2016