Index of resources for subscribers

To help you familiarise yourself with the LGA Workforce online resources, we have gathered the pages that are most likely to be of use to you as a subscriber.

The information falls into four main categories:

However, the first thing you should do is register with the Workforce Library webpage and subscribe to the various bulletins that are available on employment matters:

The national agreements

The national agreements include the outcomes of pay negotiations and for terms and conditions of service for a number of discreet professional areas. It is likely that you will have staff on one or more of these sets of conditions – either because your organisation finds it convenient to use them or because you have staff that transferred to you via TUPE.

The most commonly used documents are:

Direct advice can be received on these issues by:

telephone 020 7664 3000

The less commonly-used terms and conditions documents are:

Employment policy, guidance and advice

The LGA produces a lot of information on employment and workforce issues that is useful for subscribers as benchmarking material or as examples of best practice. There are key documents that come free with your subscription and useful information on other parts of our website:

Comparative data



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8 February 2017

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